Our love story....

Our journey to Forever...

One of the most intimate a beautiful traditional weddings at Grace Downtown to start the year.

We met Isaac and Marimar just a few months ago and they immediately booked us on the spot. They fell in love with our artistic style, but ultimately I was curious to learn more about their love journey and how I could document their story in the most creative way.

L&M first met at a Latin Club and became friends on social media. It wasn’t until a year and a half after that exact date that they met in a Dance Club again and danced all night! That was how everything started.

Isaac has always been grand in his expression of desire for Marimar. On their first “official” date, there was a man selling flowers and Isaac bought every last one. For Isaac it’s very simple. He enjoys making Marimar feel special, loved and wanted.

As for Marimar, there’s a reason Isaac asked for her hand in marriage. Her thoughtfulness and passion for the people she loves is what sealed the deal for Isaac.

The proposal

These love birds knew they wanted to get married and have a family together, but the proposal was a grand surprise for Marimar. During a weekend with their family Isaac suddenly proposed to Marimar by putting the engagement ring in a stuffed octopus that she wanted. Of course Marimar couldn’t say no to the man of her life!

Now here we are celebrating the beginning of forever for Marimar and Isaac as husband and wife. Weddings at Grace Downtown alway give a regal and classic vibe. View a few of our favorites below!


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