Storyhill Firehouse Wedding Photography

August 2, 2020

Beautiful storyhill firehouse wedding Photography

    • Chavan + Amaris
    • Date| 8.2.20
    • Ceremony | Storyhill Firehouse Milwaukee Weddings
    • Band| Christopher’s Project
    • Hair | IamRoyalTee
    • Storyhill Firehouse Wedding Photography | Jessica Smith

Tell us how you first met? Who, what, when, where, why? Give us the dirty details.

We met in high school our sophomore year. We became friends during Junior year when we shared classes together. Chavan asked me officially to be his “girlfriend“ at state fair 7 years ago and the rest is history.

Tell us about the proposal. (Did you see it coming, how long was it in the planning?, how did you feel? nervous, excited, freaking out?)

We had been discussing getting married for a few months and initially were going to wait until I graduated nursing school. With everything going on in the world we decided why wait. So on FaceTime we agreed and he got one knee and asked me to marry him and 2 months later here we are.

Tell us the one thing you love most about each other.

What I love the most about Chavan is his determination, dedication to be a better man, and desire to succeed in all areas of life. What I love most about Amaris is her passion for people, genuine kindness, and her desire to do the right thing.

Besides getting married - whats the one thing you are looking forward to on your wedding day?

We looked forward to our families coming together and being surrounded by our friends and loved ones especially after being quarantined for almost 5 months.

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